Sir Will The Artist

Sir Will is a Digital Content Creator specializing in video, film, and photography.  “I am a 1st generation creative in my family.” He didn’t grow up with the concept of what it would be like to be an artist for a living or the “go to college, get a job and then retire'' routine. Without regular access to museums or other people that looked like him living a creative lifestyle he never imagined it. Not being able to grow up with artistic intentions made him think about who he was culturally. “I didn’t grow up with a rich history of my family's lineage , but I did grow up living shared experiences. In the south, we are full of black folks that don’t fully know where we came from but decided to build our own culture and style.”  Will was highly influenced by the style and culture we developed uniquely in the south from its warm colors to the clothes we wear and our inherited symbols of status. Viewers instantly connect with the colors and warmth of his images & films; also known as conversational portraits, because he believes everyone has a relatable story to tell. While he wasn’t able to fully be a part of that culture which was highly monopolized in the south; then later capitalized on by mainstream media,  it did continue to live within him. He’s currently bringing those looks, colors, and mannerisms to life for others to view as a window into his world. He’s working to connect these black stories together and find our subtle cultural connections. Since opening and co-owning his art gallery in Charlotte, NC BLKMRKTCLT he’s been able to fully develop those conversations into creating opportunities for other upcoming artists of color.


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